Faculty Research

Morgan Besson Personal Website

Total energy of deoxyguanosine bonded to N-2-acetylaminofluorene (major adduct) Mutation Research 473 (2001) 211-17 pdf

2. AM1 Study of N-2-Acetylaminofluorene bonded to Deoxyguanosine at the Minor Adduct Site J. Biological Physics 30 (2004) 161-70 pdf

Philip Maurone An extensive publications list can be found on Dr. Maurone's personal website.
Current Projects

Eclipsing Binaries in the Magellanic Clouds: Fundamental Properties and Distances" The Hubble Space Telescope - Edward Guinan (principle Investigator), David Bradstreet, Frank Maloney, Laurnece DeWarf, Philip Maurone, Alvaro Gimenez, Jens Viggo Clausen, William Tobin, Virpi Niemela.

Research Interest The study of Extragalactic Eclipsing Binaries as primary distance indicators
Georgia Papaefthymuiou-Davis An extensive publications list can be found on Dr. Papaefthymuiou-Davis' personal website.
Research & Interest

Condensed Matter Physics is a broad area of scientific inquiry that cuts across strict disciplinary boundaries to encompass areas of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering. 

Her research activities are in four distinct areas of condensed matter physics:

Nanoscale magnetism; fundamentals and applications to nanotechnological materials.

Cluster science; the transition from molecular to the solid-state.

Catalysis; iron-based catalysts for the production of carbon nanofibers.

Biological physics; structure-function relationships in iron containing proteins and enzymes.

She uses Mossbauer Spectroscopy to probe the electronic and magnetic structure of molecular and solid-state materials (amorphous or crystalline) in combination with SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometry. 

Alain Phares An extensive publications list can be found on Dr. Phares' personal website.

Astrophysics Extragalactic Radio Sources - radio jets Binary Stars

Surface Science; Combinatorics Function Technique

Joseph Schick Personal Website

S. N. Behera, S. M. Bose, P. Entel, and J. T. Schick, (2004). "Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of a Material with Caged Structure and Rattler Atoms," Phase Transitions, Volume 77, Numbers 1-2, Pages 225 - 240.

J. T. Schick, C. G. Morgan, and P. Papoulias, (2002). "First-principles study of As interstitials in GaAs: Convergence, relaxation, and formation energy," Physical Review B, Volume 66, Article Number 195302, 10 pages.

J. I. Landman, C. G. Morgan, J. T. Schick, P. Papoulias, and A. Kumar, (1997). "Arsenic interstitials and interstitial complexes in low-temperature grown GaAs," Physical Review B, Volume 55, Pages 15581 - 15586.

J. T. Schick and S. M. Bose, (1996). "Electronic structure of a buried NiSi2 or CoSi2 layer in bulk Si," Physical Review B, Volume 53, Pages 12609 - 12612.

J. I. Landman, C. G. Morgan, and J. T. Schick, (1995). "Antisite-related defects in GaAs grown at low temperatures," Physical Review Letters, Volume 74, Pages 4007 - 4


Javad Siah Personal Website
Research & Interests Astrophysics; Extragalactic Radio Sources - radio jets; Binary Stars.
John Vassiliou Personal Website
Research & Interests

Experimental Solid State Physics

Magnetic and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Materials

Structural and Electronic Transitions of Materials Under Extreme Pressures Using Diamond Anvil Cells and X-Ray Scattering Using Synchrotron Radiation

Intermetallic Alloys Under Pressure at High Temperatures

Farid Zamani Personal Website
Research & Interests Currently, Farid Zamani is investigating the F2 and g1 structure functions of the nucleon. The calculations are performed in light-cone frame. The physical nucleon is assumed to be a superposition of the bare nucleon plus virtual light-cone Fock states of baryon-meson pairs. The bare nucleon is assumed to be in one case composed of a diquark and a quark, and in other case no quark clusterization inside the nucleon. The initial distributions are evolved using QCD evolution. The calculated structure functions and/or sum rules will be compared with theoretical expectations and experimental observations.