Graduates' Careers

Below is a list of careers held by some of the Villanova Physics alumni. The wide variety of positions shows the versatility of a physics degree. You may learn more about careers through the American Institute of Physics Career Network.

Consultant, Lockheed Martin
Physicist, U.S. Army
Consultant, Rail Co.
Advisory Engineer, Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group
Senior Engineer, Marine Corps
Test Pilot, U.S. Navy
Physicist, Naval Air Warfare Center
Senior Scientist, University of Virginia
Radiation Oncologist, Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD
Financial Analyst, American Hospital Supply, Corp.
CFO, Dennys, Inc.
President, Caps, Inc.
Assistant-Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh
Professor of Pediatrics, Temple University
Radiology, Duke University Medical Center
Assistant Professor, Physics, Villanova University
Radiologist, Richmond Medical Imaging Associates
Pilot, U.S. Navy
Technical Director, E.G.&G.
Program Manager, U.S. Army
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, University of Pittsburgh
Manager, Interet Inc.
Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Program Manager, Vitro Corp.
Staff Engineer, Hawaiian Electric Co.
President, Maui Electronic Co., Ltd.
Heath Physicsist, Radiochemist, U.S. Navy
Nuclear Engineer, Bechtel Power
Consulting Physicist
Health Physicsist, Digital Systems Research
Territorial Manager, Ross Laboratories
Accounts Underwriter, Kemper Insurance
 Vice President, Cigna International
Scientist, SES
Research Associate, DuPont Imaging Systems
Case Manager, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy
Senior Physicst/Systems Analyst, The John Hopkins University
Functional Manger, Hewlett Packard
Civil Engineer, Sinclair Oil Corp.
Vice President, Licensing , Wyeth-Ayert Laboratories
Engineer, GTE Fiber Optics Communication
Manager, Network Equipment Technologies
LCDR, U.S. Navy
Director if Research, IatroMed, Inc.
Director of R&D, LaJolla Technology, Inc.
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Kentucky
Development Engineer, Reed Research, Inc.
Test Engineering Manager, Du Pont
Dean, Sangamon State University, Springfield Il
Technical Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Physicist, Cornell Aero. Labs
U.S. Sales Manager, AT&T Paradyne
Consultant, Arthur Anderson & Co.
Director, Bell Atlantic
Professor of Astronomy, Villanova University
Sr. Principal Engineer, Computer Sciences Corp.
Assistant Professor of Physics, Temple University
Electronics Engineer Honeywell Electro-Optics
President, California University of PA
Project Engineer, New Jersey Dept. of Transportation
Field Engineer, Ultratech Stepper
Engineer, Lockheed Martin
Electronics Engineer, USAF
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University
Assistant Scientist, Leeds and Northrup