Major Requirements

Having philosophy as a major or double major sends a strong message to potential employers or professional schools (such as law or med school) that the applicant has  training in clear writing, critical thinking, and an ability to analyze difficult concepts. In addition to taking PHI 1000 - Knowledge, Reality, Self,  Philosophy majors must complete ten more courses, three in the History of Philosophy sequence, a capstone experience, and six that define a specific Path of Study. The philosophy major is also open to students from VSB, Engineering, and Nursing. Please call the Philosophy Department (610 519 4690) for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss majoring or minoring in philosophy.   

History of Philosophy

Philosophy majors must complete three courses in the History of Philosophy:

  • PHI 3020 - History of Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 3030 - History of Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 3040 - History of Early Modern Philosophy

With the approval of the Chair of the Department, upper-division electives and Topics courses in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Philosophy offered in Philosophy and Honors may substitute for the courses offered in this sequence.

Paths of Study

Philosophy majors are also required to take six additional electives in Philosophy following one of two paths to the completion of their requirements, the Thesis Path or the Track Path.

Double Majors

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of philosophical studies, the Department welcomes and encourages students who want to combine their philosophy major with a major in another department. In order to make this possible, philosophy double majors can (with the permission of the Chair of the Philosophy Department) count up to six cognate or related credits from the second major toward fulfilling the Philosophy Major requirements.

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Requirements for the Major

Major Requirements

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