Dissertations in Progress

Laura McMahon

Areas of interest include:
Dissertation title: "Vulnerability and Security: Perception and Politics in Merleau-Ponty"

Summer Renault-Steele

Areas of interest include: Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy (special emphasis on feminist thought) Aesthetics and Visual Cultures
Dissertation title: "A Ragpicker at Daybreak: Siegfried Kracauer and Extraterritorial Feminist Philosophy"

Ryan Feigenbaum

Areas of interest include: Kant,German idealism and romanticism, History and philosophy of science, Philosophy of science/biology
Dissertation title: "The Epistemic Foundations of German Biology, 1790-1802"

Jessie Dern

Areas of interest include: Deleuze, Deleuze and Guattari, Philosophy of Education and Pedagogy, Contemporary French Philosophy, Rancière, Nietzsche
Dissertation title: "Learning Without Method: Deleuze's Pedagogy"

Jessica Elkayam

Areas of interest include:
Dissertation title: "Thinking at the Limit of the Human: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics"

Derek Aggleton

Areas of interest include: Politics, Plato, Contemporary French Thought
Dissertation title: "Ontological Movement and the Ethics of Tyranny in Heidegger, Nancy, and Plato"

Christopher Noble

Areas of interest include: History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Nature
Dissertation title: "The Soul as 'Spiritual Automaton' in Leibniz's Synthetic Natural Philosophy"

Paul Camacho

Areas of interest include: Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Late Antiquity, Medieval Philosophy, Ethics
Dissertation title: "The Weight of Love: Augustine on Desire and the limits of Autonomy"

Elie Saade

Areas of interest include: Philosophy of Religion, Continental Philosophy, Pragmatism
Dissertation title: "The Call to Believe and the 'Weak' God in William James's Philosophy of Religion"

Peter DeAngelis

Areas of interest include: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, and Moral Theory
Dissertation title: "Punishment, Social Justice, and Respect"

John-Patrick Schultz

Areas of interest include: Ernst Bloch, Marxism, Critical Theory, Political Theology, Utopianism
Dissertation title: "A Theory of Revolutionary Temporality: Marx, Bloch, Benjamin" 

Michael Vendsel

Areas of interest include: Philosophy of Religion, medieval philosophy, epistemology, Kant, and Hegel
Dissertation title: "Beyond Immanence and Critique: A Renewed Reading of the Ontological Argument"

Terry Maksymowych

Areas of interest include: Husserl, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and bioethics

Dissertation title: “Applying Richard Zaner's Phenomenology of the Clinical Encounter to the Treatment of Disorders of Sex Development (Intersex) Conditions” 

John Bova

Areas of interest include:  reflexivity/reflection/self-reference, dialectic, metalogic, metaethics, events, mathematical ontologies, gunk, folds, intrinsicality & emptiness, detotalized-totality, in-itself & for-itself, difference & identity, relation, a/symmetry, structure & structures, theories of truth
Dissertation title: “The Idea of the Good:  Metalogic is Ethics”

Christopher Davidson

Areas of interest include: Spinoza, Foucault, and Deleuze, Nietzsche
Dissertation title: “Ethics after the Genealogy of the Subject”


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