About Us

In general, philosophers seek to understand the world and their place in it. Philosophy is the foundation of every field of study and trains its critical perspective on every aspect of human experience. Philosophers explore the nature of reality, truth, beauty or justice, the constitution of knowledge, the nature and existence of the world, human freedom, good and evil, the existence of God, personal mortality, human nature, social and political activity, and the extent of human understanding.

The Philosophy Department at Villanova University provides a congenial setting for those students interested in philosophical questions. In addition to an undergraduate program leading to a major, a minor or a double major in Philosophy, our Department offers courses which satisfy the core requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Villanova School of Business, the Villanova College of Engineering and the Villanova College of Nursing.

The courses in our Department also satisfy requirements for majors in Cognitive Science, Computing Science, Environmental Sciences and Criminal Justice. Finally, they fulfill elective requirements in the Ethics Program, the Honors Program, the Center for Peace and Justice Education and Women’s Studies.

Philosophy is the only department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a graduate program leading to a Ph.D. Doctoral candidates in our program specialize in the study of the History of Philosophy, Continental as well as Analytic Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy and Aesthetics.


Our Mission

The Philosophy Department is committed to serving Villanova students in all the undergraduate colleges. Philosophy courses, by stressing the reading of primary texts and by teaching critical thinking, writing and discussion skills, introduce students to important philosophical concepts. As part of their introductory course, all students examine the perennial questions at the heart of Catholic philosophical inquiry through the study of ancient and medieval texts.

Through the philosophy major, the Philosophy Department provides students with advanced study, developing valuable skills that can be utilized in a wide range of careers. The Department has established several tracks so that students can both achieve a general competence in the discipline and engage in intensive study of a particular area within the discipline.

The Department strives to fulfill and further the mission of the University by fostering in our students the spirit of critical, reflective thinking and a sense of the importance of values in their lives.