Blood:Water Mission

Blood Water Mission

Blood: Water Mission is a non-profit organization striving to build wells in depressed regions of Africa, in order to provide clean water for villagers mired in poverty. Blood:Water is working to reduce the HIV/AIDS crisis and to address the overwhelming issues of oppression, hungry, poverty, and injustice that pervade throughout the continent. The organization exists on the premise that clean water equals clean blood free of waterborne disease, such as malaria, cholera, and typhoid. Through clean water, AIDS patients, along with uninfected but still susceptible villagers, have a fighting chance for survival. By building wells, clean water becomes directly accessible for the villagers, who often must walk upwards of ten miles one way to fill a jug with dirty, unsuitable water. Blood:Water strives to build bridges with African communities, and to come alongside them as brothers and sisters, allowing them to learn about and invest in the wells for the betterment of their villages.
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