Villanovans Against the Death Penalty (VADP)

Villanovans Against the Death Penalty (VADP) is a group of students who have joined together to speak out against the death penalty.  VADP works to educate the public about the current and historical practice of the Death Penalty, namely the flaws that plague the system (particularly here in America), as well as work together to help bring about the abolition of the death penalty both here and abroad.  Some of the events we do in the course of the year are as follows:

Holding vigils for those we are going to be executed
Writing letters to politicians at all levels of government
Planning events to increase awareness of the death penalty on campus. 

If you are interested in either joining the group or learning more than send an email to


  • President: Kevin Ryan
  • Meeting: TBA
  • Where: Center for Peace & Justice Education; Sullivan Hall, Lower Level