The Supply

The Supply aims to chip away, and create a movement to solve the problem of the increasing number of urban slums in third world countries. The Supply believes that education is they key to doing so. In these slums, children are not privileged with the luxury of free/affordable secondary education like we are used to. Because of this, current and more importantly, future generations are being stripped of a growing necessity required to ignite change within their communities. The Supply believes that education is an opportunity for these children, who are desperate for an opportunity, to learn and become leaders, being empowered in order change their circumstances. We give the power to them, through education.
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At Villanova University, our chapter embraces the idea of empowerment. We do a lot for our parent organization. This usually requires us to create awareness and raise finances for the schools themselves. However, we also want to impact the Villanova community and the greater Philadelphia area. We believe that education is important, and we love how Villanova's new motto: "Ignite Change, Go Nova" resembles what we do. We want to bring The Supply's mission here.







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Advisor: Carol Anthony, CPJE (x94608)
Officers: Natalia Palamarini, Kevin Lee







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