Villanova Sexual Violence Awareness

Inspired by the heroic story of Betty Makoni,Villanova Sexual Violence Awareness, NovaSVA is a collaborative student organization founded by Jessica Lu (’11) and formed to support the proper treatment of women in our schools, communities, nations, and the world. On October 1, 2009, GCNova officially launched as an organization of the Center for Peace and Justice Education and a chapter of Girl Child Network Worldwide at Villanova University.


To raise awareness and promote understanding of women’s issues - specifically of rape, sexual abuse, and exploitation—at Villanova University and in our students’ own respective communities
To combat the “blame culture” which pins the culpability for sexual crimes on the actions and behavior of the victim
To support the Girl Child Network Worldwide through financial contributions, fundraising, and vocal advocacy
To advocate the funding of accurate, up-to-date research in the areas of HIV, AIDS, sexually-transmitted infections, accidental pregnancy, rape, and sexual crimes
To encourage student advocacy and stewardship on local, national, and global levels, not only in regards to women’s rights and health, but to all social, civic, racial, gender, and economic injustices being perpetrated around the world.


When: TBA
Where: TBA
Advisor: Carol Anthony, CPJE (x94608)
Officers: Michelle Costanza

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