Villanova Community Garden

The Villanova Community Garden student group organizes and advocates the creation of sustainable, locally-sourced, and healthy dining options on campus as well as participates in community gardening efforts in the area. They volunteer at local and urban community gardens, promote campus awareness of food sustainability, and support environmental justice efforts to increase food access.  They also enjoy good food together through community dinners. The group aims to increase campus awareness of where our food comes from and how it affects both our own health and the health of the environment.


Advisor: Carol Anthony, CPJE (x94608)

Co-Presidents: Michelle Velez (founder), Shaye Glovas
Publicity Chair: Cristina Rocca
Campus Project Chairs: Marc LePrince, Manuela Elizondo
Local Outreach Chairs: Kendall Hagan, Natalie Flinn
Dining Services Project Chairs: Hannah Caswell, Kathleen Dolan, Rebecca Connolly

More Information

Visit Philly Urban Creators and Skunk Hollow Community Garden to learn more about these organizations!

Contact Michelle Velez with any questions

Skunk Hollow
Skunk Hollow
Skunk Hollow
Skunk Hollow

VU students volunteering at Skunk Hollow

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