Grants and Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships

Davis-Putter Scholarship
The first, and most important, qualification for a Davis-Putter Scholarship is active participation in the progressive movement including the fight to preserve and expand civil rights, economic justice, international solidarity, as well as other struggles that will lead to an equitable, just and peaceful society.

The maximum grant is $6,000 and may be considerably smaller depending on the applicant's circumstances and the amount of funding available.

Father Ray Jackson Memorial Grants
Fr. Ray Jackson was an Augustinian priest and campus minister who co-founded and served in Villanova's Center for Peace and Justice Education. Fr. Ray held these positions until his death in June of 1997. He was renowned for his desire and personal commitment to justice, peace and service to the poor. Not only was he tirelessly involved in service himself, he also possessed a vision that helped Villanova students use their education and resources on behalf of the poor, both locally and internationally.

The Fund
The Father Ray Jackson Memorial fund offers financial grants to students to help defray the cost of participation in one of the University's school break service trips. These trips provide direct service to the poor. Grants will not exceed $500 and are awarded only once to an individual student during his or her time at the school.

The Fund Committee
The Memorial Fund supports the work of the offices of Campus Ministry, the Center for Peace and Justice Education, and Rays of Sunshine Office.

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Learn | Serve | Act

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