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Green Corps is looking for graduates who are ready to take on the biggest environmental challenges of our day. They are accepting applications.

This Institute consists of three-week short courses that will be given in different areas such as Media and Peace; Leadership; Culture, Religion, Conflict and Peace; and War and film, among others. All of the courses will be facilitated by international professionals with extensive expertise in each of these areas.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather during the month of January in Costa Rica, this initiative also brings the opportunity for students to experience a country that opted not to have an army, and has a remarkable environmental record.

The UPEACE Institute presents a great opportunity to engage UPEACE students and professionals, practitioners, academicians and students of peace and conflict, in interactive participatory classes and informal gatherings which will bring several cultures and views together. For more information.

The Master of Arts in Gender and Peace Building is a ten-month program that has been designed to support women and men who participate in social, economic and political processes of change and who are interested in key issues of gender and peace building.

Overall, the program aims to involve men and women in the processes of peace with the clear understanding that conflict, violence and war have a variety of impacts upon men and women that, while comparable, are not the same. For more information.

Kroc School: Reinventing the Masters with Peace and Justice

In 2016 Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies is offering a new 2-year Master of Arts in Peace and Justice (MAPJ; full-and part-time) for individuals who want to create change and solve today’s most troubling issues. We ask you to share this exciting opportunity with your students and recent graduates who are seeking to become peacebuilders and changemakers. For more information

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