Visiting Faculty Initiative

 Visiting Faculty 2018-2019

The Center for Peace and Justice Education (CPJE) has developed a program to establish two visiting positions a year, internal to the Villanova community. This initiative increases collaboration between various departments/colleges and lays the groundwork for the expansion of interdisciplinary Peace and Justice courses.  In addition, visiting faculty contribute resources, contacts, and opportunities within their areas of expertise to strengthen research possibilities for Villanova students, CPJE’s lectures and events, and future opportunities for CPJE graduates and alumni.

All full-time faculty members at Villanova are eligible to become a CPJE Visiting Faculty member.  The position lasts one year (with the possibility of a second year).  Visiting faculty will maintain their office space as well as teaching and other commitments in their home department and will join CPJE staff for selected meetings and events during the year.  Visiting faculty are invited to participate in the work of the Center in the specific ways identified below.  The two visiting faculty members will be selected with a goal to have one senior faculty member and one junior faculty member each year.  In addition, faculty members will be selected with a desire for representation across disciplines and Colleges. Thus, we actively seek faculty who are typically underrepresented in our activities.

CPJE Visiting Faculty Description:

*1-year commitment with the opportunity for a second year.

*Join the CPJE staff for regular meetings each semester.

*Offer one lecture or workshop during the academic year on a topic connecting the faculty member’s area of expertise with themes of peace and justice.

*Develop and/or teach a course with a Peace and Justice attribute.  Ideally, this will take place during the time as a CPJE visiting faculty member. 

*Additional contributions vary depending on interest and expertise.

 Other contributions may include:

Offer input/ideas for CPJE programming.

Offer input/guidance to one of the CPJE student groups.

Advise on faculty outreach around university.

Attend special CPJE events (Peace Award dinner, MLK dinner, graduation breakfast, etc.).

Sit on one of the award/keynote committees.

Serve as a mentor to students interested in PJ research in faculty member’s area of expertise.

Cultivate contacts beyond the university to develop further internship/career connections related to field of expertise.

In order to provide a sufficient incentive and recognition of the extra work being assumed beyond current commitments, the Center for Peace and Justice Education will compensate visiting faculty with a stipend of $1500 per semester ($3000 annually).

Application Deadline: Friday, March 23, 2018

Send your CV as well as a 1-2 page letter of interest, including any proposed activities or projects, to Sharon Discher, Center for Peace and Justice Education (

In addition, please ask your department chair to email a statement of support to CPJE director,Dr. Kathryn Getek Soltis (