Dorothy Day - Thomas Merton Award

The Dorothy Day-Thomas Merton Award is named after Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton who were two outstanding American contributors on the journey toward peace and justice. Their lives of study, writing, prayer and action have encouraged others to become involved in furthering the cause of justice and peace in the world.

This award is given to a graduating senior with a concentration or minor in Peace and Justice Education who has maintained academic excellence and made a significant contribution to the effort to further justice and peace during their 4 years at Villanova University.


2006: Diane L. Coffey

2005: Kathleen E.Krackenberger

2004: Caitlin Fouratt & Melissa Wibbens

2003: Nancy R. Steedle

2002: Teresa C. Mambu

2001: Megan A. Kasimatis & Craig E. Hickein

2000: David O. Suetholz

1999: Andrea Maresca

1998: Vincent J. Coccia

1996: Michael E. Kennedy

1995: Raj Chablani

1994: Tara Coughlin

1993: Nantiya Ruan

1992: Stephen M. Smith

1991: Steven G. Liga

1989: Gregory Tucci

1988: Ingrid M. Birnbach

1987: Michael P. McGinnis