Awards at the Center

The following awards are given through the Center for Peace & Justice Education:

Adela Dwyer-St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award
Adela Dwyer-St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award: This award recognizes an individual or group for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the meaning and conditions of justice and peace in human communities.

St. Catherine of Siena Research Award
St. Catherine of Siena Undergraduate Peace and Justice Research Award is  given to an undergraduate student in the Spring semester for a research paper/project relevant to peace and justice issues. 
Dorothy Day-Thomas Merton Award
Dorothy Day-Thomas Merton Award: This award is given to a graduating senior with a concentration or minor in Peace and Justice Education who has maintained academic excellence and made a significant contribution to the effort to further justice and peace during his/her four years at Villanova.

Thomas J. Mentzer Award
Thomas J. Mentzer Award: This award recognizes a graduating Villanova senior for his/her service toward expanding opportunities for the poor and marginalized.

Joseph Betz Solidarity Award
Joseph Betz Solidarity AwardS olidarity Award: The Solidarity Award is presented to a graduating senior or seniors concentrating in Peace and Justice Studies in exceptional circumstances to recognize distinctive service to the cause of justice and peace.

Chomsky receiving The Adela Dwyer - St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award
Chomsky receiving The Adela Dwyer - St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award


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