Alumni Corner

This page is a forum for contact among alumni of our program. In addition, it provides information to prospective students about graduates of our program. Only graduates of our program who have provided us with the following information and indicated that they would like to be included on this web page will be listed below.

To Stay in Contact with Peace & Justice Network

Student and Alumni Peace & Justice Dinner

An impressive group of Peace and Justice alumni expressed an interest in creating a network of mentors for current Peace and Justice minors and concentrators. They came together on March 23, 2014 after much planning they hosted a dinner in the Villanova room where past and present Peace and Justice students could connect. A panel of 3-4 alumni spoke before dinner which was followed by a dialogue with various alumni over the course of the meal.They shared their experiences, offered networking opportunities, and discussed how they have integrated an education in peace and justice into their careers, their families, and their overall lives beyond graduation.

The current Peace and Justice minors and concentrators raved about this experience.The efforts of the Peace and Justice alumni has created a connection among the two groups that will foster many more P&J happenings in the future!