About Us

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The Center for Peace & Justice Education is a member of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a division of the Office for Mission and Ministry.

The academic program in Peace & Justice, open to all students in the University, offers an interdisciplinary approach to topics of world peace and social justice. The course of study provides students with an opportunity to study the rich tradition of Catholic social teaching as applied to the complex problems of our time.

Courses focus on the components of a moral and just society, reflect on the alternative models for socially responsible resolution of injustice and conflict, and provide opportunities to learn the necessary skills for peacemaking. Most peace and justice courses meet requirements of the core curriculum. Students in each of the schools and colleges of the university can complete a minor or concentration in Peace & Justice.

The Center for Peace & Justice Education also coordinates programming and opportunities for active engagement within and beyond the Villanova community.  The Center houses a variety of student organizations, sponsors numerous lectures and films, and presents annual awards for outstanding work in peace and justice.

Mission Statement

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The Center explicitly carries out the Catholic and Augustinian mission of the University by contributing to the search for world peace and social justice through education rooted in the Jewish and Christian traditions generally, and Catholic Social Teaching in particular. Through its various components, the Center strives to help students understand the essential elements of a moral and just society; reflect on the alternative models for socially responsible resolution of injustice and conflict, and learn the necessary skills to be peacemakers.

Components of the Center
Interdisciplinary Academic Program in Peace & Justice.

Education in Peace and Justice issues through Student Organizations.

Education of faculty, staff, students and the local community in peace and justice issues through speakers, forums, workshops and films.

The development of skills through training and experience to effectively participate in the process of building a more just, compassionate and peaceful global society.

Publication of the Journal for Peace and Justice Studies.