Regulations and Requirements

Students accepted into the 5-year program in a particular semester must follow the rules and regulations established at the time of their acceptance.

To obtain the BS/MSAS degree, students must:

Student Accepted into the BS/MS Program Must Take:

  • MAT 7405 (spring)
  • MAT 8400 (fall) and MAT 8401 (spring) in the following year
  • MAT 8406 (fall), MAT 8412 (spring) and four electives in the Applied Statistics Program.

Course Equivalents for Undergraduates

  • While a student is an undergraduate, at most three courses may be counted toward both the BS and MS degrees simultaneously.
  • A graduate course or an undergraduate course equivalent to a graduate course (MAT 7404/MAT 4310, MAT 8400/MAT 5700 and MAT 8401/MAT 5705) may be counted toward both degrees if the student gets at least a grade of B in that course.

To take a graduate course, an undergraduate student must:

  • Complete a permission card and write BS/MS next to the student's signature
  • Have the BS/MS advisor sign the card
  • Take the completed card to the Office of Graduate Studies for processing.

When a student enters the last semester as an undergraduate, the student must submit the following to the Department of Mathematical Sciences:

  • The first two pages of the student's completed graduate application
  • A copy of the student's transcript
  • The student's MS/MS Undergraduate/Graduate Program Course Form.

Grades and Grade Point Averages

A student may withdraw from the 5-year BS/MS Program by submitting a request in writing to the Applied Statistics Graduate Committee. Upon withdrawal from the program, the student may continue with the undergraduate course requirements for the BS degree.

  • An undergraduate student must get at least a grade of B in each graduate or equivalent undergraduate course (MAT 7404/MAT 4310, MAT 8400/MAT 5700, MAT 8401/MAT 5705) if it is to count toward both the BS and MS degrees.
  • Although more than three graduate courses (including undergraduate equivalents) are taken while the student is an undergraduate, at most three courses among those with grades of B or better may be double counted towards both the BS and MS degrees.
  • If an undergraduate student receives a grade less than B in any graduate or equivalent undergraduate course, this course may only be counted toward the BS degree or toward the MS degree, but not both. This may require a student to take additional courses and may prevent the student from obtaining both degrees in five years. Furthermore, the student must meet with the Director of the BS/MS program.
  • Additional graduate courses may only be applied to the MSAS program if the course requirement for the BS degree has been satisfied.
  • The undergraduate GPA is based on all courses counted toward the undergraduate degree. (There is a maximum of three graduate courses that may be counted toward the undergraduate GPA.) Modifications to transcript GPA calculations may be required.
  • The student must maintain a GPA of at least 3.00 at all times in all MSAS courses.

Fee Structure for the BS/MS program:

  • As an undergraduate student, graduate courses are charged at the undergraduate rate
  • As a graduate student, four graduate courses (12 credits) are charged at the graduate rate
  • If a student has paid for four graduate courses, a maximum of two remaining graduate courses (6 credits) are tuition free

Graduate Assistantships

If a student wants to apply for a graduate assistantship or tuition scholarship, the application form must be submitted to the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program. Two letters of recommendation and a copy of the student’s transcript must accompany this application.

At the appropriate time, students must register for MAT 8400 (not MAT 5700) and MAT 8401 (not MAT 5705). However, they may attend lectures in either equivalent course with permission of the instructors.


* artsappl.pdf
Graduate Application
* gradasst_tuitionscholars_info.doc
Graduate Assistantship or <br>Tuition Scholarship Form