Undergraduate Programs

The B.S. in Mathematics major program has three basic components:

  • "Fundamental tools" courses: MAT 1500 (Calculus I), MAT 1505 (Calculus II), MAT 2500 (Calculus III), and MAT 2705 (Differential Equations with Linear Algebra) provide the basic calculus and linear algebra tools used by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
  • "Theoretical foundations" courses: MAT 2600 (Foundations of Mathematics I), MAT 3400 (Linear ALgebra), MAT 3500 (Modern Algebra I), and MAT 3300 (Advanced Calculus) introduce the fundamental definitions and theoretical proofs that represent the heart of mathematics.
  • Elective courses: The elective courses allow you to explore many areas of pure and applied mathematics.

The capstone course is MAT 5900. This seminar course enhances your ability to research, organize, and make written and oral presentations of mathematics. The topic varies from year to year depending upon desires of students and faculty. Faculty or students may suggest topics to the Committee for the Undergraduate Mathematics Program (CUMP), which must approve them.

Independent Study. If you would like to study material not offered in a regular course, you may undertake Independent Study (MAT 5991, 5992, 5993) under the supervision of a faculty member. You must complete a form which details the content and the evaluation methodology of the independent study before registering for this course. Independent study forms are available in the department office, SAC 305.