MAPLE Through CitrixWeb

Once you have accessed MAPLE through the CitrixWeb delivery as explained in the FAQ, there are still a few glitches you can run into with file management. Because the app is delivered through the back door so to speak, the normal file association and My Document and DeskTop conventions of the Windows operating system do not apply. Make a folder on your C: drive to save MAPLE files.


Once you have logged into citrix with your standard VU username and password [the first time you use an application, a dialog box pops up and you have to click on FULL ACCESS and NEVER ASK AGAIN], click down thru Academic Apps, Math&Stat to find MAPLE: open it by double-clicking (single-clicking?). Wait for the grayed out inactive menu names to become black and active, but if it seems to take a while, enter anything in the first input region to wake MAPLE up.

To Open a MAPLE (file extension .mws) File From Its Link On The Web

Right click on the link and SAVE AS... Then change the file type to ALL FILES from the pull-down menu (this prevents windows from changing the file extension!). Then navigate to the C:\ drive in My Computer and save it in a local folder of your choice, since citrix does not see the local My Documents (it has its own remote My Documents under your profile) or your Desktop OR BETTER YET, copy the link in the browser by right-clicking and doing "copy shortcut (whatever)" and then in MAPLE, use the File Menu, Open URL selection and paste in your link (Control V) and click on "Open".

Here is an example to try:

A Real Citrix Glitch

Sometimes Citrix messes up in closing the MAPLE file and attaches two lines to the end of the text file worksheet for which MAPLE acts like a browser to create the worksheet you see. These two lines are like:

PersistentCachePath=C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\ICAClient\Cache

You can open up the file in WordPad, scroll to the bottom and delete those last two lines and save the file. It will then open normally in MAPLE.

Another Citrix Glitch

Sometimes a user will encounter a "ICA File Not Found" message. The solution is to go to the Control Panel, then Internet Options. Within Internet Options, find the General tab. Within the General tab, find the Temporary Internet Files section in the middle of the window. Click on the "Delete Files" option. It may take a few minutes for this option to finish, maybe even longer than 10 minutes if you surf a lot and see big files! Be patient. Then try MAPLE from Citrix again.

Remember to LOG OFF Citrix at the end of your session after closing MAPLE. Report any problems accessing MAPLE in this way to the HELP Desk 9-7777.

Once you launch a Citrix application you get a little red circle over a dark square base icon in the program tray at the lower right corner of your computer window. You can click on this icon to open the Program [called "Program Neighborhood Connection Center" from the balloon help if you just put the cursor over it] and click on File security and set security to Grant Full Access, Never Ask Me Again in the case that you never got the opportunity before, without which you cannot see any files on your hard drive which is named "C$ on 'Client' (C:)".


Maple Student Help Center

For some of you, the Maple Student Help Center might prove useful. It offers on-line help: "Get real answers from real people" "within hours" for homework problems by posting your questions on the on-line Forum. Free registration at Maple Primes is required for access.

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