Villanova now has an unlimited site license from Maplesoft for the computer algebra system Maple which allows single user copy installations for any Villanova faculty, staff and students. Maple is a computer algebra system math software in use in some of our science and engineering mathematics service courses.

TO DOWNLOAD MAPLE 18 for Wiindows or Mac, go directly to the Maple page:
under the UNIT software service catalog web page:
The download requires you to login to the software server with your standard VU username and password.

If you really have trouble with the download or installation, you can borrow an installation CD from bob jantzen.

Universal access to Maple independent of the local computer environment is offered to Villanovans through our site license via a web browser entering the university Citrix Server website from anywhere on the internet using a MAC or PC and your standard username and password. If the user has a Villanova-issued computer, then the Citrix Web Client or Citrix Receiver will already be installed onto the computer.  If not, go to  . . . .  this Citrix web site SHOULD “sense” your operating system and provide the correct download of the Citrix Receiver for your device.

After logging into the Citrix server, you locate the Maple icon in the folder Academic Applications inside Math & Stat Applications. It works just like the local or network version BUT your local operating system (Windows for most users) does not deliver it so some user awareness is important. This option should be considered a LAST RESORT. If you use Citrix delivered Maple, you need to be aware of certain issues.

If you have any difficulties using the Citrix server, consult the additional Citrix Maple help page and if that does not help, contact the UNIT HELP desk 610-519-7777.

Remember to include a space between quantities that are supposed to be multiplied in input expressions, even before a parenthesis! And the letter "e" in Maple is not assigned to Euler's number, you must use the Palette entry or function notation "exp(x)" for the exponential function. See the tips page if you are serious about using Maple.

in email cannot be extracted safely in our faculty (Microsoft Outlook web access) webmail. If you need to email a worksheet to someone with only Outlook web access, zip it first by right clicking on the filename in Windows explorer (if on PC) and Send To compressed file. Students are now on Gmail and do not have this problem: Gmail automatically zips the received file attachment before delivery and students can then open the Maple file just by clicking on the Download link to save or open the file; if open is picked, it shows the file inside the zip and allows it to be opened there by double clicking on the filename.


Maple Student Help Center

For some of you, the Maple Student Help Center might prove useful. It offers on-line help: "Get real answers from real people" "within hours" for homework problems by posting your questions on the on-line Forum. Free registration at Maple Primes is required for access.