Citrix Apps

The primary access to a number of mathematical/statistical applications [Fathom, Minitab, Maple, Mathmatica, SAS, SPSS, etc.] is via a web browser entering the university Citrix Server website from anywhere on the internet using a MAC or PC. After logging into the server, you locate the application icon in the folder Academic Applications inside Math & Stat Applications. The application works just like a local application BUT your local operating system (Windows for most users) does not deliver it so some user awareness is important.

The Citrix application delivery works with Internet Explorer or Mozilla once you download and install the client software (ICA Connection), which has a download link on the lower right part of the Citrix homepage if your computer does not yet have the software already installed. Wait for the window to appear asking for "Full Access" to your machine (the default "No Access" derails the application from accessing your computer for opening or saving files). Click on both "Full Access" and "Never Ask Me Again" for this application. This does not always come up BUT you can get to it once and for all once you have opened an application in Citrix by the following setting:

  • To open and save application files locally

    You need to set the security on the ICA client by right-clicking on the ICA icon (you can't miss the red ball, balloon help identifies this icon as the Program Neighborhood Connection Center) on the lower right task bar tray (what is that called?), releasing on "Open Connection Center," and selecting the server name on the line above MAPLE from the tree, then clicking on "Security" and setting it to "Full Access," "Never Ask Me Again" for this application.

    This allows the Maple application access to the C: hard drive, URL memory stick drives (plug in before logging into citrix), possible network drives, etc, found in "My Computer" to open and save files. WARNING: The "My Documents" folder seen inside Maple is a virtual folder on the network under your Citrix profile space and does not refer to your local hard drive "My  Documents" folder [except for math faculty]. If you want a local copy of your Maple worksheet to attach to an email for example, you must save it to a local folder or local network folder under My Computer [not My Documents or Desktop] or some local network folder like the N: drive on which all Villanova community members have storage space when connected to the Villanova network on campus. Similarly, your virtual folder "Desktop" is not directly visible to Citrix, which has its own virtual Desktop on the server. Remember, right clicking on file icons only invokes the proper software to open them if your operating system knows about it, but Citrix applications bypass the operating system!

    In fact the virtual My Computer and Desktop on the server depend on which Citrix computer in the collection of servers (called a "farm") that service the Citrix applications that you randomly get depending on usage loading. You then have distinct profiles on each such Citrix computer so that if you save a file on My Documents on the server during one session, you may not find it during another session if you end up on a distinct machine.
  • To print application files
    Citrix Maple should in theory print to the default printer of your computer, but if it does not, you may print to the virtual printer Adobe PDF  in the Printer selection window from inside your application. This will not work unless you have already given the application security clearance as described in the previous paragraph. The attempt to print to Adobe PDF will then pop up a dialog box which requests a location to save the PDF file: save it within My Computer, BUT exit the Adobe PDF file once it is created since the Adobe software itself resides on the Citrix server and does not know about your local printers available through your operating system. On your computer go to the location you saved the PDF, click on it to open your local Adobe program and print the PDF file to a printer you select from your local Printer selection window. You can also save it to a memory stick and print it from any Villanova public computing site.

If you have any difficulties using the Citrix server, consult the additional Citrix help page and if that does not help, contact the UNIT HELP desk 610-519-7777.

Warning: If you use Mozilla Firefox, the Citrix page will report that you have not downloaded the Citrix client, but this is just a false glitch (unless you really haven't downloaded and installed it). Proceed as though it were there (it is) and just say Yes to Open with the default Launch.ica.

Citrix MAPLE connection delay
Opening MAPLE in Citrix does not always automatically connect to the Kernel (MAPLE's engine for doing calculations), and if so some of the Help menu options will be inactive (grayed out).

By simply typing any number in the input region (worksheet mode) and then the Enter key to evaluate it forces MAPLE to try to reconnect to the kernel. This may take from 30 seconds to a minute during which the kernel connection warning appears and a time bar shows its progress towards reconnecting. Then MAPLE should work fine. Apparently this Citrix glitch has been corrected.


Use your Villanova username/pwd to login

 to the Villanova Citrix website.

* citrix-mac-users-1.pdf
Mac Users Guide