Career Information Links

Some hints from the American Chemical Society magazine Today's Chemist at Work (Jan 1996, p.23): "How to Surf for Jobs, Surfing the Internet", by Corinne A. Marasco:

  • Riley Guide: Employment opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet.
  • FedWorld: Federal Government Openings, and lots of Federal info (not just jobs)


Often getting some experience before hitting the job market can be really useful.

You can visit the Villanova Internship Office in St. Augustine Center, Room 451, 610.519.4661 or Career Services in Corr Hall, first floor 610.519.4060.


Careers of Recent Alumni

According to the Cap and Gown survey, to which 15 of our 22 math graduates participated:

9 are full time employed with a median
  salary of $48,500

1 is in the military

4 are enrolled full-time in
  graduate school

1 received no offer at the time