Actuarial Preparation

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides advising, courses, and exam preparation sessions to support students interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science. The director of this program is Dr. Paul Lupinacci. His office is located in St. Augustine Center, Room 390. He can be contacted at 610-519-7435 or email

Actuaries are people who deal with the financial risks involved in such life experiences as retirement, unemployment, accident, death, and other contingencies of living life. An actuary usually has strong mathematical, statistical, and business skills. A person becomes an actuary by passing a series of eight exams given by an actuary society. Villanova offers courses that prepare students for the first three exams:

Exam Courses to take
Exam #P MAT 1500, 1505, 2500, 2705, and 4310 or 5700
Exam #FM ECO 1001, ECO 1002, MAT 2100, MAT 4550
Exam #MFE MAT 4550