MAPLE Through CitrixWeb

Once you have accessed MAPLE through the CitrixWeb delivery as explained in the FAQ, there are still a few glitches you can run into with file management. Because the app is delivered through the back door so to speak, the normal file association and My Document and DeskTop conventions of the Windows operating system do not apply. Make a folder on your C: drive to save MAPLE files.


Once you have logged into citrix with your standard VU username and password, click down thru Academic Apps, Math&Stat to find MAPLE: open it by double-clicking (single-clicking?).

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
SAC Room 305
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085 
Tel: 610.519.4850
Fax: 610.519.6928

Dr. Douglas Norton

Marie O'Brien, 610.519.4809

Maple Student Help Center

For some of you, the Maple Student Help Center might prove useful. It offers on-line help: "Get real answers from real people" "within hours" for homework problems by posting your questions on the on-line Forum. Free registration at Maple Primes is required for access.

Common Mistakes

Remember to include a space between quantities that are supposed to be multiplied in input expressions, even before a parenthesis! And the letter "e" in Maple is not assigned to Euler's number, you must use the Palette entry or function notation "exp(x)" for the exponential function. See the tips page if you are serious about using Maple.

Teaching Concepts with Maple

Learn how to do specific tasks with Maple in all levels of Calculus and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra with Clickable Calculus:

Maple Teaching Site