Citrix Apps

The primary access to a number of mathematical/statistical applications [Fathom, Minitab, Maple, Mathmatica, SAS, SPSS, etc.] is via a web browser entering the university Citrix Server website from anywhere on the internet using a MAC or PC. After logging into the server, you locate the application icon in the folder Academic Applications inside Math & Stat Applications. The application works just like a local application BUT your local operating system (Windows for most users) does not deliver it so some user awareness is important.

If the user has a Villanova-issued computer, then the Citrix Web Client or Citrix Receiver will already be installed onto the computer.  If not, go to  . . . .  this Citrix web site SHOULD “sense” your operating system and provide the correct download of the Citrix Receiver for your device.

Look for the UNIT help page on citrix, which when complete, should explain how to set security so that you can access files (read, write) on your own computer within the citrix delivered software. Otherwise you cannot save files for later use. When you enter citrixweb after logging on, read the "1st read me" pdf document linked to the right of the folder listing. This explains how to set security to allow local file access.

If you have any difficulties using the Citrix server, consult the additional Citrix help page and if that does not help, contact the UNIT HELP desk 610-519-7777.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
SAC Room 305
Villanova University
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Tel: 610.519.4850
Fax: 610.519.6928

Dr. Douglas Norton

Marie O'Brien, 610.519.4809

Use your Villanova username/pwd to login

 to the Villanova Citrix website.