About the conference: Participation is by Invitation-Only. Invitations have already been sent out, and all spots have been filled. Please do not register if you have not received a formal invitation from the organizers.


June 2-5, 2014
Connelly Center and Mendel Science Center - Villanova University - Villanova, Pennsylvania

Conference topic:

Algebraic Graph Theory occupies the edge between two significant fields of mathematics: Algebra and Graph Theory. Its core tools stem from its mathematical predecessors, amalgamating techniques from Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Representation Theory, and Finite Geometry. These tools are used for the design and identification of diverse discrete structures and the investigation of their symmetry properties.

Historically, Algebraic Graph Theory has had significant intersection with a number of areas of pure and applied mathematics. This is why it is often possible to formulate within its frames, practical applications and fundamental scientific questions arising in varied real-world problems from communication engineering to physics, biology and chemistry.  With the advent of the modern computer, Algebraic Graph Theory has assumed an increasingly vital and essential role in modern society, providing tools and framework for such areas as digital communication, error-correcting codes, internet and social network structure, data mining in large databases, genome sequencing, experimental design, and many others.

Organizing Committee: 

Andrew Woldar (chair), Villanova University, USA
Mikhail Muzychuk, Netanya Academic College, Israel
Sergey Shpectorov, University of Birmingham, UK
Bangteng Xu, Eastern Kentucky University, USA

Plenary Speakers:

Laszlo Babai, University of Chicago, USA
Rosemary Bailey, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Peter Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Edwin van Dam, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Gareth A. Jones, University of Southampton, UK
Alexander A. Ivanov, Imperial College, UK
William Kantor, University of Oregon, USA
Jason Williford, University of Wyoming, USA
Paul-Hermann Zieschang, University of Texas at Brownsville, USA 

Important Information for International Participants:

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