Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Mark McKibben (West Chester U)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Location : TBA , 2:30-3:25

Title: Holey Rocks, Indecisive Fluids, Vanishing Beaches & Fiery Neurons: The Unifying Nature of Implicit Evolution Equations

Abstract: Hidden connections often lurk beneath the surface that, once discovered, enable mathematical models of seemingly disparate phenomena to be studied within a single, unified abstract framework. When the models consist of partial differential equations, the form of this structure is an abstract evolution equation. In this talk, we shall begin by illustrating, in a sequence of steps, how an abstract evolution equation can be derived to unify the study of the models alluded to in the title. Then, we will incorporate environmental noise into the models and develop an even more encompassing stochastic theory governing the evolution of these processes. If time permits, commentary will be given on current and future directions of research in this area, including how one accounts for sharp blows to the system, time delays, and "not-so-nice" noise (e.g., fractional Brownian motion).  


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