Private Tutors

A list of faculty and students who have indicated they are available as private tutors is below.  Their position as a private tutor is in no way connected with the MLRC. 

The MLRC makes no statement as to the quality of tutelage or to any fee which may be imposed. It is the responsibility of the individual to contact and make all arrangements with the tutor.

Name Email Subjects Year
Cell Phone
Denike, Jessica
Calc I ,II, & III, Differential Equations, Intro Stat Senior 917 453-2504
Berger, David HS Math, Geometry, Statistics, SAT Prep, Calc I, II, & III, Differential Equations Senior  
Davidson, Kelly Algebra I & II, Calc I & II Junior  
Diaz, Luis Alg I&II, Geom, Trig, Calc I Senior  
Esposito, Matt Alg, Pre-Calc, Calc I&II, Stats Junior 631-816-0061
Kim, Jeniffer Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations Junior  
Mitchell, Courtney HS Math, Calc I & II, Differential Equations, Statistics Junior 206-491-0220
Salvador, Justin HS Math, Calc I& II Senior 646-620-8305
Schroeder, Patrick HS Math, Calc I,II, & III Sophomore 860-205-4013
Shea, Tom Calc I,II,III Sophomore  
Spitzer, Alyssa Grade school and HS math, Algebra, Geometry, Trignometry, Calc I & II Sophomore 815-474-1552
Thisse, Tyler Grade school and HS math, Calc I & II, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra Junior 508-648-3334
Unibel, Stephanie Grade school and HS Math, Calc I, II, & III (including AP Calculus AB and BC), AP Statistics, Cryptology Junior 609-980-1394 
Zhai, Yixian HS Math, Calc I,II, & III Sophomore  

Last Updated 9/20/2013


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