Le Wang

Le (Shirley) Wang

I came to the United States four and a half years ago. I received my first Master’s degree in Biology at Villanova and worked on my thesis “Do elevated CO2 and nitrogen pollution stimulate decomposition in a brackish marsh?” with Dr. Adam Langley. I took a Biostatistics class in the Biology Department for my thesis and found I had a strong interest in it. After talking with several professors, I started my second Master’s in the Applied Statistics Program in 2011. I have been a teaching assistant and research assistant in both the Biology and Statistics Programs and I also work in the Mathematics Learning and Resources Center. My great experience at Villanova has built up my knowledge, developed my research abilities, and improved my communication skills. I am going to the PhD Program of Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania this fall and I am very glad that Villanova has helped me get ready for this new journey.

Mike Perekupka

Mike Perekupka

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Applied Statistics graduate program here at Villanova and am scheduled to complete the program in the summer of 2013.  I am a 2004 graduate of Springfield High School, Springfield, PA (Delaware County) and a 2008 graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education Mathematics. I currently teach mathematics, including Advanced Placement Statistics, at Cinnaminson High School, Cinnaminson, NJ, and also coach varsity boys’ and girls’ tennis.  I chose Villanova for its excellent reputation and their appreciation of public school educators seeking advanced degrees.

Quintin Todd

Quintin Todd

I grew up in Paoli, PA and graduated from Bloomsburg University where I obtained my BA in Mathematics-Statistics with a Minor in Economics in December of 2008. I currently attend Villanova University on a part-time basis working towards obtaining a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics. I also work full time as an analyst at large call center where I use SAS (Statistical Analysis System) to complete various analysis and reporting related requests to maximize call center performance and customer satisfaction.

Oksana Ogloblinsky

Oksana Ogloblinsky

I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics (MSAS) at Villanova University. While drifting through the rigorous undergraduate academic waters at Nova, I landed on the bay of Ancient Philosophy where I encountered my first philosophical love - the great Aristotle, the father of logic. The thorough analysis and research of Aristotle's writings and that of his contemporaries have enriched me with an understanding of the interrelationship of mathematics and philosophy. Having achieved invaluable academic growth and maturity from my undergraduate career as a philosophy major at Villanova, I later embarked upon the study of mathematics, which has unveiled my passion for statistics.

The intrinsic beauty of statistics has catapulted to the forefront of my interests, thereby becoming quintessential to my postgraduate career goals. By enhancing my statistical aptitude, honing my analytical skills, and whetting my communication abilities, I have discovered that the Applied Statistics program best represents the pinnacle of my scholarly pursuits. Being blessed with stellar statistics professors, I realized that the MSAS degree at my Alma Mater serves as a conduit to the indubitable conclusion that my forte lies within the dynamic and challenging field of statistics. The Applied Statistics program at Villanova is not only a testament to the graduate students’ intellectual vibrancy, but also proof of their métier as prospective statisticians.     


Tashana Davis

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, I heard of the prominence and prestige of Villanova University. Wanting to choose a school that would challenge and encourage my goals and ambitions, I decided that Villanova was the best school for me. During my undergraduate journey here at Villanova, I was accepted into the 5-year BS/MS program. The 5-year BS/MS Program allowed me to earn both a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics in five years.  Since I was a young child, I always knew I had a future working with numbers and making projections based on what I found. I have always dreamed of a career where I could incorporate numbers and help individuals. I realized that becoming a statistician will help me to achieve these aspirations while also making a difference in people’s lives.  It is a career that I have chosen because it has a diverse and challenging future with opportunities to utilize my analytical skills. I could not have selected a better school to help educate and prepare me with the world of statistics and its real world applications.

"The Applied Statistics graduate program at Villanova allowed me to take my mathematical knowledge and direct it into a field where there are endless possibilities.  The programs and faculty set me up with a broad understanding of statistical concepts and a desire to use the information to analyze data and help people.  The faculty and staff were always there to offer support, answer questions, and prepare me for life after college.  The graduate program has well connected professors and alumni who were available to help me find an internship and later a job working for a medical device company states away."

Kristie Michaud

Masters in Applied Statistics '11

"The masters program in mathematics has given me the teaching skills to present to my high school students the knowledge, skills, and study habits in mathematics to take with them in their future endeavors. Through my graduate assistant experience, and courses, I learned how to effectively integrate technology and critical thinking skills in the classroom. Any accomplishment in continuing my further studies in mathematics is accredited to the dedicated faculty with their effective and outstanding expertise in the field."

Colleen Kelly
Masters in Mathematics ’05

"Villanova's Graduate Program in Mathematics was the perfect intermediate step that bridged the gap between my undergraduate studies and my course work in an intensive Ph.D. program.  I will always be fond of my years at Villanova, marked by a warm feeling of community and endless support from faculty and staff."

Matt F.

Masters in Mathematics