Registering for Classes

Full-Time Students

Full-time students must take at least 6 credits ( MAT 7404 and MAT 8400 ) in the fall semester and at least 6 credits ( MAT 7405 and MAT 8401 ) in the spring semester of their first academic year. Thereafter, they must take at least 9 credits during each semester of the following academic year. See the Typical Schedule for Full-Time MSAS Graduate Students.

Course Registration

Students must check the date on the Graduate Academic Calendar to learn when registration begins for the following semester. If students want to discuss the courses they plan to take, they should contact their advisor, Dr. Paul Lupinacci, Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program at 610.519.7435. Once students have made their decision, they must send an email to the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program listing the courses for which they want to register.

These emails represent the documentation needed before registration Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) can be released. Upon approval of the course selections, students will be sent their PINs via email. If students’ plans change, those changes must be documented in an email to the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program. It is important that students register only for those courses that are appropriate to their status in the MSAS Graduate Program.

Students may obtain the schedule of courses for the upcoming semester with the corresponding names of professors, meeting times, room assignments, and textbooks. Students should send their emails in a timely fashion to increase their chances of availability of the courses for which they intend to register.

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Important Dates

MSAS Program Application Deadline
    • Fall - Aug. 1
    • Spring - Dec. 1
    • Summer - May 1
Graduate Assistantship & Tuition
Scholarship Application Deadline
    • March 1 for following Fall           
    • Nov 15 for following Spring
Comprehensive Exam Fall 2014
     •  Application deadline Oct 10th
     •  Examination date   Nov 15th

Did You Know

The applied statistics program offers a course of study which focuses on the training of statisticians for industry, government and academia. For many students, this will represent a final graduate statistics degree, offering them greater potential for professional advancement. For some students, this degree will be a stepping-stone toward a doctorate in statistics or in a related field. The program's flexibility permits students to take courses in areas related to applied statistics such as applied mathematics, pure mathematics and computer science.