Comprehensive Examination

The examination will consist of three individual one-hour parts, all of which must be passed.

  • The first part will cover the material in MAT 7404 and MAT 7405
  • The second part will cover the material in MAT 8400 and MAT 8401
  • The third part will cover the material in MAT 8406 and MAT 8412.


  • Students must pass the examination within the six year period allotted for the degree, that time beginning when the first course in the program is taken.
  • Students are permitted one re-examination for any parts they did not pass, whenever the examination is offered.
  • Students may not bring notes or books; however, calculators may be permitted for some parts of the exam. Cell phones  or any other device that allows communications may not be used.
  • Students must submit their application to take the ASCE to the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.
  • The Graduate Academic Calendar lists the deadlines by which applications to take the ASCE must be  submitted. The dates on which the examinations are given are determined by the Applied Statistics Graduate Committee. The date of the ASCE may be later than the date for the comprehensive examinations listed in the Graduate Academic Calendar.
  • Comprehensive Examination Application
  • Graduate Office Comprehensive Examination Policy

View examples of previous comprehensive examinations here.

To take the Applied Statistics Comprehensive Examination (ASCE), students must:

have a GPA of at least 3.00

have completed at least 21 credits in the program

have completed at least five of the six required courses

be currently enrolled in the sixth required course, if it has not yet been taken