Typical Schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits

MAT 7404 - Statistical Methods I


MAT 7405 - Statistical Methods II


MAT 8400 - Statistical Theory I


MAT 8401 - Statistical Theory II


Year 2

Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
MAT 8406 - Regression Methods
3 MAT 8412 - Linear Models 3
3 Elective 3
3 Elective 3

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Important Dates

MSAS Program Application Deadline
    • Fall - Aug. 1
    • Spring - Dec. 1
    • Summer - May 1
Graduate Assistantship & Tuition
Scholarship Application Deadline
    • March 1 for following Fall           
    • Nov 15 for following Spring
Comprehensive Exam Fall 2014
     •  Application deadline Oct 10th
     •  Examination date   Nov 15th

Did You Know

The applied statistics program offers a course of study which focuses on the training of statisticians for industry, government and academia. For many students, this will represent a final graduate statistics degree, offering them greater potential for professional advancement. For some students, this degree will be a stepping-stone toward a doctorate in statistics or in a related field. The program's flexibility permits students to take courses in areas related to applied statistics such as applied mathematics, pure mathematics and computer science.