During the academic year, classes are typically held one night a week, Monday through Thursday, from 6:15 pm to 8:45 pm. Times may vary during the summer. Students must complete 6 required and 4 elective courses. Currently, there are no online courses available.

Students in the Master of Science in Applied Statistics (MSAS) program must have completed Statistical Methods I and II and Statistical Theory I within their first 15 credits and Statistical Theory II within their first 21 credits. Typically the first 4 courses are Statistical Methods I and II, and Statistical Theory I and II. These courses must be taken as early as possible. They are generally followed by Regression Methods and Linear Statistical Models in the next academic year. Modifications to this schedule may be made by the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.

See the Typical Schedule for Full-Time MSAS Graduate Students and registering for classes.

Required Courses

MAT 7404 - Statistical Methods I

MAT 7405 - Statistical Methods II

MAT 8400 - Statistical Theory I

MAT 8401 - Statistical Theory II

MAT 8406 - Regression Methods

MAT 8412 - Linear Models

Elective Courses

MAT 8408 - Multivariate Methods

MAT 8414 - Categorical Data Anal

MAT 8416 - Design of Experiments

MAT 8430 - Operations Research

MAT 8435 - Mathematical Modeling

MAT 8440 - Statistics Quality Control

MAT 8444 - Time Series and Forecasting

MAT 8446 - Survival Data Analysis

MAT 8448 - Clinical Trials

MAT 8452 - Nonparametric Statistics

MAT 8454 - Sampling Methods

MAT 8462 - Stochastic Processes

MAT 8790 - Selected Topics I

MAT 8795 - Selected Topics II

MAT 8796 - Selected Topics III

MAT 8800 - Independent Study

*Certain courses listed under other graduate programs may serve as electives with the prior consent of the Director of the Applied Statistics Graduate Program.

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Important Dates

MSAS Program Application Deadline
    • Fall - Aug. 1
    • Spring - Dec. 1
    • Summer - May 1
Graduate Assistantship & Tuition
Scholarship Application Deadline
    • March 1 for following Fall           
    • Nov 15 for following Spring
Comprehensive Exam Fall 2014
     •  Application deadline Oct 10th
     •  Examination date   Nov 15th

Did You Know

The applied statistics program offers a course of study which focuses on the training of statisticians for industry, government and academia. For many students, this will represent a final graduate statistics degree, offering them greater potential for professional advancement. For some students, this degree will be a stepping-stone toward a doctorate in statistics or in a related field. The program's flexibility permits students to take courses in areas related to applied statistics such as applied mathematics, pure mathematics and computer science.