Master's Certificate

This program is explicitly intended for individuals who are presently teaching at the secondary school level. This 15-credit program will consist of five graduate courses that cover the following areas: geometry, history of mathematics, statistics, using technology in the classroom and a special topics course. There will be at least one course in the certificate program offered during each of the fall and spring semesters and usually two in the summer.

These graduate courses can be applied to the requirements for the 30-credit Master of Arts in mathematics also offered at Villanova. Moreover, all secondary school teachers are eligible for a significant tuition discount at Villanova. Applicants to this new certificate program should be teachers of mathematics who have had college calculus and a course in linear algebra. For more information about the certificate program, contact Dr. David Sprows at 610.519.7339.


The Certificate of Graduate Study in the Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics will be awarded upon completion of the following five (5) courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (The 15 credits are required from Villanova's Mathematical Sciences Program):

  • MAT 7290 - Geometry
  • MAT 7300 - History of Math
  • MAT 7404 - Statistical Methods I
  • MAT 7305 - Technology in Teaching of Math
  • MAT 7310 - Topics in the Teaching of Math