Academic Programs

In 1956, Villanova University's department of mathematics inaugurated the Master's of Arts in Mathematics program. One question which often arises about this program is why it is called a Master of Arts rather than a Master of Science. In 1954, the department had already begun to offer a Master of Science in applied statistics.

The Master's of Science in Applied Statistics program offers a course of study which focuses on the training of statisticians for industry, government and academia. For many students, this will represent a final graduate statistics degree, offering them greater potential for professional advancement. For some students, this degree will be a stepping-stone toward a doctorate in statistics or in a related field.

The Masters Certificate program is explicitly intended for individuals who are presently teaching at the secondary school level. This 15-credit program will consist of five graduate courses that cover the following areas: geometry, history of mathematics, statistics, using technology in the classroom and a special topics course.

Graduation & Employment

The Graduate Academic Calendar lists the deadlines by which applications to graduate must be submitted to both the Office of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Employment Opportunities

Information regarding potential employment may be accessed by contacting the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Internships providing academic credit through an outside work environment are not available.