Graduate Programs in Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is committed to exemplary teaching, learning, scholarship and service. Our courses are designed to provide every student with the technical background they will need, and to inculcate a love for the 'veritas' of logical thought and elegant reasoning. We specifically aim that our mathematics graduates can formalize, define, analyze, prove and communicate mathematical skills.

  • Master of Arts in Mathematics. Students who earn their Master of Arts in mathematics advance their careers in actuarial and accounting firms, in the pharmaceutical industry and in teaching, as well as in other fields. Some choose to complete their master's degree and enter a doctoral program.

  • Master of Science in Applied Statistics. The Master of Science in applied statistics program at Villanova began in 1954 as an outgrowth of an earlier certificate in quality control program established in 1952. During its more than fifty years of existence, the applied statistics program has helped to fill the need for master's-level statisticians to work in industrial, governmental and educational institutions in the Delaware Valley and beyond. The program has also served as a springboard for students who want to pursue doctoral degrees. At the present time, the Philadelphia area continues to offer a large number of opportunities for statisticians with a master's-level education. In addition, as high schools begin to incorporate statistics as part of their mathematics curriculum, Villanova's course offerings in applied statistics serve as an important resource for continuing teacher education.

  • Master's Certificate. 
    • Certificate of Graduate Study in the Teaching of Secondary-School Mathematics:  This certificate is explicitly intended for individuals who are presently teaching at the secondary school level. This 15-credit program will consist of five graduate courses that cover the following areas: geometry, history of mathematics, statistics, using technology in the classroom and a special topics course. There will be at least one course in the certificate program offered during each of the fall and spring semesters and usually two in the summer.  These courses may also be applied towards the Master of Arts degree in Mathematics.
    • Post-Master's Certificate in Mathematics:  We offer a Post-Master's Certificate in Mathematics for individuals who have already earned a master's degree but wish to continue their graduate study.  The program is open to all, but is especially well suited to the needs of middle-school and secondary-school teachers who already have a master's degree.  Choose from the department's regular course offerings based on your own interests and goals.  Upon successful completion of five graduate courses (15 credits), you will receive a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Mathematics.
    • Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied Statistics:  The Certificate offers students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of statistics, and receive formal recognition of statistical expertise they have acquired beyond the undergraduate level.  It is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of differing constituencies, including individuals working with data in industry, teachers in secondary schools or community colleges, and graduate students currently enrolled at Villanova University in fields that use statistics.  Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose, along with the application, fee, and official transcripts from institutions of higher education previously attended.  No GRE scores are required.  Because Certificate students enroll in the same graduate courses taken by students pursuing the Masters degree in Applied Statistics, they must also have completed all the undergraduate mathematics courses that are required for the Masters program.  These include:  calculus through multivariable calculus (typically calculus III) and linear algebra.  In order to receive the Certificate, students must complete five graduate-level courses, including MAT 7404 and 7405 - Statistical Methods I and II, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.  With the approval of the Applied Statistics program director, one graduate-level course in statistics offered by a department at Villanova outside the Department of Mathematics and Statistics may be counted towards the five courses needed for the Certificate.  Transfer credit will not be granted for courses taken outside of Villanova, however.