Recent Courses in Liberal Studies


Irish-American Literature


The Human Nature

Great Books of the Great War (WWI)

Justice and Political Theory

Aristotle and the Natural World

Introduction to American Studies

Politics of Whiteness

History of Travel

Social Justice

Tolstoy’s War and Peace: Literature, History and Contexts

Memoir Writing

Hebrew Bible in Literature and Culture

Women in America

The American West

The War Narrative, The Peace Narrative: Literature of World War I and II

Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

The Roman Enlightenment

Memoir Writing

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Liberal Studies

The Enlightenment . . . The Renaissance. . . War and Peace. . . The Fall of the Roman Empire. . . The novels of Jane Austen. . . The American Founding. . . The plays of Shakespeare. . . The Civil Rights Movement. . . The Reformation. . . .

These are examples of ideas, books, people, and events that have truly changed the world. What is the best way to study them? History, literature, philosophy, theology, political science, languages – all of these disciplines have something important to say. But how is it possible to combine such different courses into just one master’s degree? The answer is Liberal Studies.