The Graduate Liberal Studies program offers four certificates. Please learn more about these certificates by following the links below:

  • American Studies - The Certificate in American Studies offers students the opportunity for the interdisciplinary study of America and American culture in an increasingly globalized world.
  • Ancient Worlds - The Certificate in Ancient Worlds allows students to gain a deeper understanding either of the intersections of ancient civilizations, such as Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia, or of one particular ancient civilization.
  • Great Books - The Certificate in Great Books allows students to explore the great books of human civilization.
  • Post-M.A. - The Post-M.A. Certificate allows students who wish to extend or advance their graduate study in an interdisciplinary program to apply for admission in the program leading to the Post-Master’s Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Peace and Justice Studies - The Peace and Justice Studies Certificate prepares students for careers in social justice, advocacy, peacemaking, conflict resolution, journalism, teaching, and activism.  Its focus is the development of leaders capable of assessing the conditions for creating social justice and maintaining peaceful relations.

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Liberal Studies

The Enlightenment . . . The Renaissance. . . War and Peace. . . The Fall of the Roman Empire. . . The novels of Jane Austen. . . The American Founding. . . The plays of Shakespeare. . . The Civil Rights Movement. . . The Reformation. . . .

These are examples of ideas, books, people, and events that have truly changed the world. What is the best way to study them? History, literature, philosophy, theology, political science, languages – all of these disciplines have something important to say. But how is it possible to combine such different courses into just one master’s degree? The answer is Liberal Studies.