Academic Programs

Earning a combination B.A./M.A. degree, a Master's degree, a certificate from Liberal Studies is an enriching experience, whether you plan to use your degree as a stepping stone to further graduate or professional study, a launching pad to a career or as a way to enhance your existing career with new skill sets.

We offer the following programs of study:

M.A. in Liberal Studies

Five-Year Combined B.A./M.A. in Liberal Studies

Certificate in American Studies

Certificate in Ancient Worlds

Certificate in Great Books

Post-M.A. Certificate

Certificate in Peace and Justice Studies

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Liberal Studies

The Enlightenment . . . The Renaissance. . . War and Peace. . . The Fall of the Roman Empire. . . The novels of Jane Austen. . . The American Founding. . . The plays of Shakespeare. . . The Civil Rights Movement. . . The Reformation. . . .

These are examples of ideas, books, people, and events that have truly changed the world. What is the best way to study them? History, literature, philosophy, theology, political science, languages – all of these disciplines have something important to say. But how is it possible to combine such different courses into just one master’s degree? The answer is Liberal Studies.