Scheduled Courses - FALL 2012

Language Requirement

POR 1121 – Intermediate Portuguese I
SPA 1121 – Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 1122 – Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 1131 – Conversation and Composition I
SPA 1132 – Conversation and Composition II
SPA 1135 – Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPA 1138 – Advanced Grammar

Capstone Requirement

Only Offered in the Spring Semester

Thematic Courses

Themes in Humanities
SPA 2215 – Latin American Short Story
SPA 3822 – Latin American Poetry
THL 4690 – Option for the Poor
THL 5990 – Religion in Latin America

Themes in History
HIS 4405 – The Americas and Spanish Conquest

Themes in Social Sciences
ECO 3108 – Global Political Economy
GEV 4500 –  003 Geography of Brazil and Latin America
PSC 5700 – Latin America
SOC – 3600 – Race and Ethnic Relations

Research Methods

COM 4001 – Qualitative Research in Communication
COM 4002 – Qualitative Research in Communication
ECO 3132 –  Research Methods in Economics
HIS 5501 – Historical Methodology*
SOC 5400 – Applied Research in Sociology
SPA 3950 – Research Seminar*

Internship and Independent Study

LAS 5000 – Internship - Only available in Costa Rica and Chile
LAS 6000 – Independent Study & research
*must do a project on Latin America

Overseas Semester

At ICDS, Costa Rica: PUCV, Chile:


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Files to Download


Lowell Gustafson "The Ancient Maya view of Time--or-- You've Still Got Time Nine Months

Bryan McCann "The Gaucho Challenge: Southern Regionalism inBrazillian Popular Music"

"Brazil's Foreign Policy: New Dimensions"

Masks in Latin America

Putting the B in BRIC: New perspectives on economic development in Brazil

"Is Blood Thicker than Water?"