Portuguese Language/Brazilian Culture Workshop for Faculty 2011

(May 9-12, 2011)

Dear Colleagues:

As part of our Title VI grant activities, the Latin American studies Program will be organizing a Portuguese Language and Culture workshop for faculty at Villanova. The workshop seeks to encourage the development of Brazilian Portuguese language skills and knowledge of Brazilian art and culture. Some of our faculty have already developed or may develop research and teaching interests in the general area of Latin American Studies. We think that acquiring some Portuguese language skills and cultural awareness will enhance the faculty’s existing abilities to learn more about the region and do research on Latin America. No knowledge of Portuguese is expected, although those with some background are welcome.

We have scheduled the first four days of the week of May 9 (May 9-12, 2011) as our language and culture workshop days. These are ideal as they fall right before the graduation weekend and after the exams are completed. We will have approximately 4 hours of activities on each of the four days from 9am to 2pm with an hour for an early lunch. Latin American Studies will provide breakfast and lunch on all four days. In addition to 2 hours of work each day specifically on Portuguese language, the workshop will introduce in English, Art/Architecture, Brazilian classical and popular music and dance, Afro-Brazilian religion, Film & TV, Literature and Legends. Participants will also be given bibliography on these areas. At this point, we would like to know how many of you might be interested in attending such a workshop. Professor Celeste D. Mann, our Portuguese Studies Coordinator, will conduct the workshop. Please email your request to me at satya.pattnayak@villanova.edu or the Latin American Studies Program secretary, Joyce Harden, at joyce.harden@villanova.edu ASAP but surely by April 29. I look forward to seeing some of you soon at this May workshop.