Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the department located?

The Latin American Studies Department is located in the St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts (SAC), Room 269. The general office number is 610.519.4640.

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What can I do with a minor or concentration in Latin American Studies?

Villanova graduates have found themselves in a variety of careers and other activities related to Latin America. Some have pursued academic careers. Others have joined the military, or become involved in missionary work, social agencies, or political activism. Many more have found that their careers in business or government have taken them to Latin America, at times for long periods. For more information about the studies available in the Latina American program, please check the undergraduate studies section of the web site.

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Which programs are available?

Students may pursue either a minor or the more comprehensive concentration. Both are designed to complement a variety of majors; many concentration and minor courses can also be used to satisfy core curriculum requirements. We also have several overseas programs: Costa Rica, Chile, and Sustainable Development.

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Zecca Ligiero, Ph. D. Dance, Art Soccer and Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Performance Fundamentals.

Lowell Gustafson "The Ancient Maya view of Time--or-- You've Still Got Time Nine Months

Bryan McCann "The Gaucho Challenge: Southern Regionalism inBrazillian Popular Music"

"Brazil's Foreign Policy: New Dimensions"

Masks in Latin America

Putting the B in BRIC: New perspectives on economic development in Brazil

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