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Villanova graduates have found themselves in a variety of careers and other activities related to Latin America. Some have pursued academic careers. Others have joined the military, or become involved in missionary work, social agencies, or political activism. Many more have found that their careers in business or government have taken them to Latin America, at times for long periods.


The Program also offers exciting internship opportunities in both Costa Rica and Chile. Students participate in challenging ongoing projects and asked to produce reports at the end of the assignment. The United Nations Program for Crime Prevention, The Inter-American Court for Human Rights, Chiquita Bananas, and the Chilean National Legislature are only a few of many prominent institutions in the region that offer our students internship opportunities.

All internship requests must be processed through the College’s Office of Internships in close collaboration with the Office of International Studies.

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Zecca Ligiero, Ph. D. Dance, Art Soccer and Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Performance Fundamentals.

Lowell Gustafson "The Ancient Maya view of Time--or-- You've Still Got Time Nine Months

Bryan McCann "The Gaucho Challenge: Southern Regionalism inBrazillian Popular Music"

"Brazil's Foreign Policy: New Dimensions"

Masks in Latin America

Putting the B in BRIC: New perspectives on economic development in Brazil

"Is Blood Thicker than Water?"