Senior Essay Prize and Wojtyla Medallion

Senior Essay Prize


The Senior Essay Prize is awarded for an essay that demonstrates excellence, depth, and wisdom in its sustained enagement with a question of importance to our understanding of the human condition. Here are some of our recent winners:

Is God Love?: Converging and Convincing Arguments for the Truth of Christian Faith

Charles Bates, 2015

Reconciling Man’s Irrationality through Synthesis: Love, the Crown of Rationality

David Kim, 2014

The Good Life in the Age of Advertising

Sarah J. McNally, 2013

The Abolition of Justice: Exposing the Need to Restore the Virtue of Justice to American Legal Theory

Victoria L. Barry, 2012

The Circle of Love: Tracing Its Origin and Discussing Is Implications

Cristina D’Averso, 2011

A Better Search for the "Better Place": Consideration of Hannah Coulter with regard to the State of Happiness Today

Keenan D. Lynch, 2010

Counterculture and Communion: Beyond Industrial Systems for a Fuller Understanding of Food

Madeline A. Chera, 2009



Karol Wojtyla Medallion for Excellence in Humanities


Each year the Department of Humanities awards its Karol Wojtyla Medallion for Excellence in Humanities, named in honor of Pope John Paul II, to a student who has exemplified both academic excellence and the spirit of the department.  Our Wojtyla Medallion winners are:

  • Sara Thoms, 2015
  • Michael Vazquez, 2014
  • Ryan M. Brown, 2013
  • Paul M. Dupont, 2012
  • Paul R. Trahey, 2011
  • Charles A. Gillespie, 2010
  • Madeline A. Chera, 2009
  • Anne Marie Bonner, 2009
  • Loretta A. Vasile, 2008
  • Paul John Gorre, 2007
  • Michael Ostroff, 2006
  • Gregory Grimes, 2005



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