Meet Our Grads

The exciting and diverse career pathways of our alumni testify to the value of a major in Humanities.  We have seen our students go on to law school, medicine, academia, technology, business, teaching, service, and farming, to name just a few of their career destinations.  

Here are just a handful of testimonials from students about how their studies in the Department of Humanities have helped them to discern and to pursue their life's vocation.  


Mark, Class of 2009

Humanities Major

I am currently a resident at Temple University Hosptial.  During my pre-clinical years at Albany Medical College, my Humanities background started shining through when I began working with patients, and it has continued to help me as I move forward in my career.  I have had the opportunity to work with some very special yet very sick people, many of whom are near death.  This can be a lonely and difficult time for patients, a time when they need someone to look after them both physically and emotionally.  Many of my peers have been uncomfortable in these very intimate and personal situations.  However, thinking back to many important discussions I had in my Humanities classes about life, death, love, grief—about the human condition and our place in this world and the cosmos—I have been able to sit down and have some of the conversations with my patients that they desperately needed to have as part of their healing process.  Being able to connect with patients on a personal to person level like that, not just through a patient-doctor dynamic, is one of the most important pieces of being a physician and I know that I was prepared for that because of my time spent in the Humanities community at Villanova. 

Humanities at Villanova prepares you for life, no matter what field or profession you go into, in ways that you may not expect but are more valuable than you can believe.  Whatever you are looking for in your future, I cannot suggest studying the Humanities strongly enough.

Keenan Lynch

Keenan, Class of 2010

Humanities Major

After graduating from Villanova, I worked for Representative Pat Meehan, first as a staffer on his congressional campaign and then as a legislative aide in Washington, D.C.  I entered law school at the University of Pennsylvania, and will graduate in May 2014.  After law school, I will be working as a judicial law clerk in Wilmington, Delaware.  I plan to practice as an attorney, and am interested in law, public policy, and academia.

I regard the decision to major in Humanities as the best decision I have made in terms of my personal and professional development.  I attribute any success I have had post-Villanova to the courses and professors I had in the Humanities.  I am still discerning what lies ahead in my working life, but I feel confident that I have the skills to do well (and, hopefully, good).  For that I will always be glad I majored in Humanities.  As a caveat, of course: wanting to have "success" is a weak basis for choosing what to study.  But if you major in Humanities, you won't just have chosen the most interesting and fulfilling course of study available; you will also have positioned yourself well for what comes next.


Emily, Class of 2012

Humanities and Business Majors

One of the things that I did not expect during the process of completing my humanities major was the way that it would completely change the way I view the world. As I made my way through the different humanities courses, little things that I hadn’t stopped to consider took on huge significance. I began making connections between different classes and realizing how everything, from how we live in the world to how we interact with other people, is interconnected. Beyond these personal realizations, I discovered that the Humanities program depends on and fosters interpersonal connections. The collaboration between students and faculty in and out of the classroom is unlike anything I had experienced, and I formed lasting friendships with my fellow classmates...  In the end, it was my time with the Humanities Department that defined my Villanova experience and the person I was when I graduated.

Since graduating in 2012, I have been working for Deloitte Consulting as a business technology analyst.  I travel each week to client projects, helping companies solve their specific business problems by adapting computer software or systems and creating processes to fit their needs. As a new hire, I was given the special opportunity to experience life as an off-shore resource, living and working for three months in Hyderabad, India, alongside her colleagues there. During my time in this immersion program, I was able to visit many different regions of the country, developing a new understanding and appreciation of Indian culture. In addition to my work for clients, I am heavily involved in Deloitte’s recruiting program at Villanova and Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative. The latter explores the issues facing women in the workplace today.

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