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The VU SHRM Chapter won the 2016 National SHRM Student Case Competition! The VU SHRM team competed against 12 other graduate teams from universities across the country on March 4th & 5th in Atlanta, GA and won first place! Congrats, VU SHRM! 


Upcoming Events

2017 Annual Networking Reception: The 19th Annual Networking Reception will be held on Tuesday evening, March 21st. Check back for details soon! In the mean time, read about last year's event here!

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Recaps of Past Events

The Graduate Program in Human Resource Development (HRD) and the Villanova Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management hosted the 17th Annual Networking Reception on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. The event was held in the atrium of Driscoll Hall and the evening’s theme was “Navigating HR Practices Across Global Markets”.  After an hour of networking, the one hundred and fifty guests moved into the main auditorium of Driscoll Hall where an engaging panel discussion was held.

Chris Konnick, VU SHRM Student Chapter President, made opening announcements. Chris thanked all of the event sponsors and then announced the VU SHRM Student Involvement award winner, Olesya Tarasenko. Dr. David Bush, the HRD program’s Founding Director, began the evening’s formal discussion by briefly discussing the program’s current research projects and introducing the panel moderator, Celia Joseph, Employment Attorney at Fisher & Phillips LLP.

Ms. Joseph introduced each of the panelists, which included Luis Buentello, Executive Vice president, HR, EH&S for Panasonic Lighting Technologies; Will Farkouh, Global Operations Senior Manager, Pfizer; Jennifer Lee, Global Mobility Manager, Cigna; and Charity Hughes, HR Director, US and Canada for SCA Americas.

The panelists spoke about the different approaches to managing employees on global assignments who are either from other countries visiting the U.S. or who are leaving the U.S. to work abroad. Many issues can arise including culture shock, language barriers, living space issues, etc. Each panelist offered valuable insights as to how HR professionals can best manage these various challenges that are part of corporate globalization. Following the discussion and questions, the evening concluded with another hour of networking in the atrium.


2013 Graduate Program in Human Resource Development's Annual Networking Reception

The Graduate Program in Human Resource Development (HRD) and the Villanova Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management hosted the 16th Annual Networking Reception on March 26, 2013. The event was held in the atrium of Driscoll Hall and the evening’s theme was “Knowledge Transfer in the Multigenerational Workforce”. After an hour of networking, the one hundred and fifty guests moved into the main auditorium of Driscoll Hall where a spirited panel discussion was held. 

The panel was moderated by Ms. Lyn Kremer, Publisher of the Philadelphia Business Journal. Ms. Kremer introduced each of the panels, which included: Mr. Richard Anthony Sr., Founder and Managing Director of the Anthony Group, Inc., Mr. Matthew Levy, Global Human Resources Lead for Janssen R&D, a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, Dawn Stanfield-Scott, Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Manager for The Boeing Company, and Leon Singletary, Founder and CEO of First Contact HR and My PartTimePRO. After introducing each of the panelists, Ms. Kremer began prompting the discussion. The panelists commented on the different approaches of large and small companies’ management of knowledge transfer between generations. 

Overall, the panelists agreed that a business with a multigenerational workforce has a great opportunity to be successful. Although the panelists agreed that a multigenerational workforce is an asset, the panelists also discussed the potential for a “generational war” if a multigenerational workforce is managed poorly. After forty minutes, Ms. Kremer asked for questions from the audience.

Following the discussion and questions, Dr. David Bush, Founding Director of the Human Resource Development Program, gave some closing remarks. During his remarks, Dr. Bush presented the Ginamarie Ligon Award to HRD alumnus, Suzanne Little, and current student, Sylvia Rockwood. The evening concluded with another hour of networking in the atrium.

2013 SHRM NE Regional Student Conference Case Competition Winners

Congratulations to Christopher Konnick, Kristen Panny, Andrew Papino, and Ali Yousaf of Villanova University’s Student Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (VU SHRM) for winning the 2013 SHRM Northeast Regional Student Conference case competition. On March 15th and 16th, Delaware University hosted the annual Northeast Regional SHRM Student Conference where SHRM student chapters from colleges and universities competed against each other in the SHRM Annual Case competition. 

The competition included both undergraduate and graduate students who acted as consultants to solve an organizational problem.  During the four hour preparation period, each team created a solution to an organizational problem using academic and professional experiences.  At the end of the preparation period, each team presented a solution to a fictitious “board of directors”.  These judges were panel of experienced HR professionals posing as the clients.  VU SHRM qualified for the final round on Saturday and competed against fellow Pennsylvania State University’s graduate student team.  Each team presented to another group of judges as well as conference attendees during the final round.

Shortly following the competition on Saturday, all attendees were invited to a dinner and award ceremony, where it was announced that VU SHRM won first place.  In addition to receiving a monetary award of $2,500, the students received complimentary registration to SHRM's Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed the conference and gained valuable knowledge in HR.  They also networked and connected with fellow Villanova alumni and other SHRM student members.  The Human Resource Development program at Villanova University is proud to have such outstanding students.

"Global Marketplace Challenges: The Business Perspective"

This February, VU SHRM hosted “Global Marketplace Challenges: The Business Perspective”, a panel discussion that focused on the challenges of managing a global workforce. Expert panelists included Mark Sneff, VP of HR for Premier Resources, Rick Smith, Professor at Singapore Management University, and Melissa Leneis, HR Director for Tyco International. Dr. Katina Sawyer served as moderator for the discussion. In keeping with the evening’s theme, Rick Smith joined the panel from his office in Singapore via Skype, exemplifying the challenges of working in a global marketplace.Save & Close

The panelists highlighted some of the challenges that global companies face including logistical and cultural barriers. For example, Mark shared a story of how culture-specific idioms caused confusion for his former team in Spain.  He told his colleagues that “at the end of the day” the work would get done. In the U.S., this expression means that eventually, all the work would be completed. However, one of Mark’s Spanish colleagues expressed concern believing that Mark expected numerous projects to be completed by the end of that day. “English fluency does not mean English competency,” Mark said.  Each of the panelists stressed that to be a global company, one must be aware of cultural nuances. 

Other topics that were discussed included: expatriate assignments, succession planning, and human resources as part of the business strategy. Even in the current economic climate, the panelists agreed that finding the right talent is a challenge that all companies face. There are multiple solutions to this problem, but human resources must align its recruitment strategy with the business strategy to be successful. The panelists agreed that aligning human resource initiatives with the business strategy is the most effective way for human resources to get a seat in the executive suite.  

The “Global Marketplace Challenges” panel discussion gave the audience an opportunity to see the strategic approach HR professionals need to take in today’s global workplace. One final piece of advice that the panelists conveyed to the student audience was to volunteer for as many projects as possible and gain global experience in any way possible.


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