Master of Science


The MS in HRD is based on generalist preparation,emphasizing strategic planning, organizational development, statistics,business development and organizational training. The program is ideal for students pursuing jobs in corporate human resource departments or in human resource consulting organizations. The degree program offers students the flexibility to choose up to two elective courses from other graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences such as Public Administration or Communication.

Program Requirements

Required Courses - Eight Courses
HRD 8003 Financial Mangement for Profit 3
HRD 8006 Metrics 3
HRD 8010 Internship in Human Resources 3
HRD 8210 Workforce Planning 3
HRD 8319 Introduction to Human Resources 3
PSY 8475 Organizational Training 3
PSY 8875 Psychology of Organizational Change 3
HRD 8215 Employment Law 3
Total Credits:
Elective Courses
Three and one-credit elective courses  
Students may take up to six 1-credit courses  
Total Credits: 9

                     Total M.S. Degree Program Credits: 33*


Final Examination Requirement:

  • M.S. in HRD candidates must complete and pass one of the following final exams to complete the degree requirements:
  • For more information on the final examination requirement, visit our page on Professional Certification.


Course Waiver Requests

*Total required credits can be reduced to 30 with the following approved waivers:

  • HRD 8010 Internship in HR can be waived with sufficient prior HR experieince. Consult with advisor for more information.
  • HRD 8319 Introduction to Human Resources can be waived with sufficient prior HR experience, however a student must take another elective course in its place.


Additional Notes:

  • Average Time for Completion: 1 1⁄2 -2 years full-time;
    3-4 years part-time.
  • Maximum Time Allowed for Completion: 6 years
  • Approved electives (up to 6 credits) can be completed from other degree programs in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences. Must consult advisor before registering.


Application Requirements

Alumni Views

Mary Gill

Attending Villanova for my master's degree (in HRD) was one of the best professional decisions I ever made.

I found the program rigorous and rewarding. The faculty offered current and comprehensive industry knowledge. The core curriculum was grounded in the business of human resources; the electives were varied and relevant. The course designs complemented the subject matter, and there was an appropriate balance of individual and group projects.

The support of both faculty and students contributed to my success in the program. I highly recommend the Villanova (HRD) Program.

Mary Gill

HR Client Services Manger
Princeton Helthcare System