VU HRD Alliance Partnership with the PSPS Annual Leadership Forum - October 2014


Join fellow business professionals for the 8th Annual PSPS Leadership Forum taking place on October 2, 2014, featuring Dr. Linda Hill and Greg Brandeau.

This year’s topic is: “Unleashing the Collective Genius: The Art and Science of Leading Innovation.” You won’t want to miss this event where you will gain valuable insights and knowledge and get the opportunity to network with a diverse group of over 500 professionals throughout the Delaware Valley.

Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time: 7:00am – 12pm

Location: Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA

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About the Presentation:

How can some organizations innovate time and time again, while others hardly innovate at all? The 2014 PSPS Leadership Forum will unveil the secrets of leading innovation for your organization!

A substantial body of research exists on effective leadership and an equally large body of research is being done on the field of innovation.   In this ground-breaking body of work, Dr. Linda A. Hill, renowned Harvard Business School researcher in leadership and management, collaborated with Greg Brandeau, former Chief Technology Officer of Walt Disney Studies and Senior VP of Technology for Pixar and Disney Animation Studies, in defining the art and practice of leading for innovation.  Much of what these 2 Leaders discovered in their 10 years of research, across 14 consistently innovative companies in a range of industries, is a framework for unleashing the collective genius of an organization.

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