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Dr. Bush
Dr. David Bush

Dr. David Bush - Founding Director of the Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development

Dr Bush's  research, teaching, consulting and speaking activities revolve around developing HR metrics for measuring talent and performance and how they change over time and through transformation processes. He has worked with change management for three decades in a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals to chemicals to transportation to manufacturing.

Q: Any words of advice that you would offer to students searching for new jobs or internships?

A: Stay actively involved in organizations that will steer you toward opportunities: volunteer or offer your services to organizations that serve your interests and concerns.

Q: Do you find that experiences you have in your professional career prepare you for the courses you teach in the HRD program or vice versa?

A:  To perform well  in management, people need to go beyond concept learning and be capable of doing, of performing specific tasks and procedures and of making judgments that have real consequences for the lives of people. Experience is required. Experience is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for excellent performance in managing HR.

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Amy Masci wiith her son.

Amy Masci - Instructor and Alum

Professor Masci is an experienced HR professional and adjunct faculty professor. She currently works as a HR Business Partner at Campbell Soup Company. In addition to her current teaching duties, Mrs. Masci also has taught HR related courses at three other local universities.

Q: If you had to pick just ONE area of Human Resources in which you would label yourself a rock star, which function would that be?

A:  Wow what a question – I guess I would have to say Performance Management – I feel that it is important for employees to be focused on actionable development so that they continue to learn and grow and ready themselves for career progression.    I like to closely partner with my leaders to make sure employees are meeting/exceeding results vs. objectives and where there are performance gaps, make sure that as an HR Business Partner, I am working with the employee & manager to help address the performance situation.  

Q: Any words of advice that you would offer to students searching for new jobs or internships?

A: Network, Network, Network. It’s amazing how networking can help you land a great job today. Some other ideas:  Join LinkedIn, network with alumni from your alma mater who work in Human Resources, check the career center on   

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Dr. Larry Cozzens

Lawrence Cozzens - Assistant Director, M.S. in HRD Online Program

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Cozzens is the Assistant Director of the M.S. in HRD Online program and serves as an adjunct faculty member for both the campus and online programs. He is also an almunus of the program and member of the Executive Advisory Board.

Q: How many years have you been teaching at Villanova (how many years have you been teaching in general)?

A: My Villanova teaching experience began in 2001 with a weekend workshop on Memory Improvement that Dr. Bush transitioned to me when he was spending more time developing and running the HRD program.  I continue to enjoy delivering that topic and have added two other one credit workshops, Creative Problem Solving and Time Management.  They help me to keep the skills sharp and offer the opportunity to interact with a different type of student.  

Q: If you had to pick just ONE area of Human Resources in which you would label yourself a rock star, which function would that be?

A:  My passion is learning and my strength is in development and delivery of engaging and fun learning experiences, so I would have to answer Learning and Organization Development.  My doctoral dissertation is about creating a learning community or what is called a community of practice.  I studied how a franchise of bakers around the country shared information about their businesses and what it took to create the “spirit” of community among them.  I look forward to continuously improving and adding to the Organization Training course and finding new and interesting examples to use in Organization Change Management.

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Matthew White

Matthew White - Instructor and Director of Employee and Labor Relations at Aqua America

Matthew White currently serves as an instructor for the Benefits course in both the campus and online programs. Matthew is a graduate of Villanova's MBA program and serves as Director of Employee and Labor Relations at Aqua America, a leading provider of drinking water and wastewater services for nearly 3 million people in 10 states.

Q: Where did you begin your teaching career?

A:  I began my teaching career at Mann Elementary School in Philadelphia.  I was a First Grade teacher for two years after completing my undergraduate degree.  I began my career in Human Resources shortly thereafter.  

Q: What is the best word of advice that you’ve ever received? 

A:  When I was in college, a professor once gave me this piece of advice, quoting Robert Kennedy – “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  I have always remembered this and use it often to help guide my professional and personal life.